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Virtual Soda recommends

Working with website builds all the time there are a few places I always turn to and recommend. The link below are affiliate links because why not earn a little money for something I recommend anyway (so P.S. once you realise how great these businesses are join their affiliate program so you too can earn a little coin for your recommendations).

I hold all my domains with Crazy Domains and recommend them for being simple to use and the site easy to navigate.

Domain Registration

I have used a few hosting services in my time and currently I am happily sitting with Site Ground on their Grow Big package. You can see more about Site Grounds packages HERE (you will tell them I sent you by using this link).

I work with the WordPress platform due to the access that it provides. Any plugin, any tutorial, you can find what you are looking for with a quick Google. Setting up with Site Ground will give you easy, click of a button set up with WordPress too. Super simple!

Web Hosting
  • This page may contain affiliate links to products I recommend even without the affiliate links! You pay the best price available but I get a tiny commission for sending you their way. Look, I’ll take it!