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It was great to meet you today and I just want to say congratulations on supporting the up and coming networking group, MIBA Moreton Bay.

Thanks for sitting through my presentations, I hope you got something out of it. If you are looking for extra support in social media or another business aspect you may want to check out my Get Fresh Quick Sessions. I’m happy to chat at any time.

Below are the free downloads I have just put together for MIBA guests.

Track That! is a tracking spreadsheet and can easily be edited by you. Tracking your stats is SO important. On the days where you are feeling a little lost it is great to know what you have grown from. It is also great to note down a “winning” post for the month… you will know what to do in the future.

Download Track That! here. (.xlsx)

The second download is a fantastic tool when planning your Instagram profile. It will help you to remember what you need to post when. This one is a great PDF to print off and nut out first before setting up the PLANN app.

Download Grid It! here. (.pdf)

Thanks again ladies. Good luck! Just yell out if you need any help.


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