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How to get started with a virtual assistant

At Virtual Soda we like to think fresh. After you have contacted us we will set up a time to chat, be it via the ol’ dog and bone, or some new fan dangled technology (Skype or FaceTime is fine).

From an actual conversation, not just a series of emails, we can discuss where your business is at, what your aim is with adding a VA to your team and how Virtual Soda may be able to assist.

Actual initial vocal conversations can save a tonne of time at start up. As we move forward working together this changes to email as we all know that running a business does not mean working 9-5!

If we both agree that this working relationship is going to be awesome we will begin the process of start up which includes completing (far to serious) contracts which give you reassurance that any private details about your business that your VA may be privy to will remain confidential including logins and databases.

Virtual Soda will help you with every step of the way and will provide handy videos and guides when it is required.