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How can a Virtual Assistant help your business?

Do you have these amazing plans floating around in your head for your business but just lack the time to begin to make them a reality?

Did you start a newsletter, social media, website without much of a plan so it is now just sitting there idle with your community wondering where you have gone?

Do you need more time for Netflix because you feel like you can only partake in conversations about Friends and the Golden Girls?

I’m thinking a virtual assistant (or VA) might be able to help you out!

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is another set of hand for your business. They can help on every aspect of your business and normally have a specific skill set that they have developed over years in their own industries.

As for Karin and Virtual Soda, you can find out all about the types of clients we work with and specific skill sets here.

A virtual assistant works freelance giving you the flexibility to get their help when you need it, without worrying about paying their Superannuation or other benefits.

Think of them as a wee guardian angel that flits down whenever your brain dumps another super rad idea… but you are not sure how to do manage that plus everything else on your plate.

A good virtual assistant…

A good virtual assistant is one that feels out your business and gains an understanding on what you are after before agreeing to a job.

Over time, as the working relationship grows, it becomes easier to pass work over to your VA. Trust and consistency creates clarity.

You can read about the client set up process here.