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Get Fresh Quick! – One-on-One Sessions

Maybe you don’t actually want a Virtual Assistant but perhaps a guiding hand.

Virtual Soda Sessions provide one-on-one sessions where we can start up and lay out a plan on a specific business problem area for you, the micro or small business owner.

We are all about empowering some D.I.Y action!!

Sessions run for 60 to 90 minutes over Skype or are run in a North Lakes Queensland location and just like a 4 year old’s birthday party they come with a theme!

The session description are very fluid as we understand that businesses are all different and some steps may need more time or are already complete.

Set Me Up Small Business Sessions

Deliver Me Database Session

In this session we get your customers details in order and have them working for you so that you can easily create communication and ultimately sales for your business.

We will start up an account in a well known email marketing platform and connect it to the right places (socials and website) so your database will grow.

A template will be created so moving forward your first digital communication is just a few clicks away!

Time permitting we can discuss opt in ideas to help you be of interest to new customers.

90 minutes session
$249 per one-on-one session

Virtual Soda Sessions

Social Stand Off Session

In this session we review what is going on with your social media. What is working and what is not. We can look at who your customer is and where they play on the www.

If your pages need a bit of a nip and tuck we can work some magic there and zhush things up a bit. We are big fans of consistency.

Then it is time to pull out the big guns. Let’s work out what times your community are online and when the best time is to SCHEDULE your posts. You want things simple right? We are going to show you how to save time without being worried about hurting those damn algorithms.

In a 90 minute session we will set you up with a tool that will change the way you look at Instagram and give you ideas on how to keep the posts flowing.

60 minute session
$199 per one-on-one session

90 minute session
$249 per one-on-one session

Virtual Soda Sessions

Spread Your Wings with an Opt-In Session

You have the database. It is all connected but… crickets.

Have you given people a reason to join your mailing list?? People don’t regularly give their deets out for free!!

Creating an awesome “gift” to encourage people put hand over their email is a great idea and can be useful in any digital marketing in the future.

It isn’t a whole heap of work either and if you already have a lot of content online a fantastic opt-in may be just infant of your nose.

In this session we will brainstorm together how what your opt-in product will be and how to create it. Time permitting we will also look at an automated system using your email marketing database that will engage your followers.

60 minute session
$199 per one-on-one session

90 minute session
$249 per one-on-one session

Virtual Soda Sessions

Each session will be jam packed and will be time permitting. Just an FYI, Virtual Soda is not a Business Coach. These sessions are to provide you with some assistance to get a particular area in your business flowing.

These sessions were created with micro/small business owners in mind.

If you are unsure which session would be best for you or have another area that you would like some help with contact us, we would love to chat about it.