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About Karin

Karin (that’s me speaking in the third person) has racked up a billion years in digital media… even when she didn’t know she was gathering those skills!

Ok, maybe not a billion but when you are putting together a bio it sometimes shocks to think how far back you could take this!

Once her 10 years in tourism marketing and product development came to a close with the birth of baby number one Karin (me again!) begun a successful parenting and lifestyle blog, Calm to Conniption. Baby number two joined her and so did her podcast, The Mummy Soul Sessions which was part of the Jackrabbit FM network run by McAlary Media (The Slow Home Podcast). When baby number three turned up (how did that happen?!) she begun working as a Virtual Assistant for all the people she had met along the way.

Specialising her work with Influencers and Entrepreneurs, Karin has tied a nice little bow around her experience and helps like minded people and businesses with an extra set of helpful, skilled hands.

Maybe not her smartest business decision but always a keen DIYer, Karin has been sitting down with local small businesses and giving them coaching to help simplify their business online practises giving them the confidence to take the reins by themselves. Smart for a VA? No, but she loves empowering others with knowledge.